Medical Billing Services for Orthopedists

Orthopedic Medical Billing Services that Increase Provider Revenue

OMG, LLC is an industry leading medical billing company with a dedicated team of orthopedic medical billing and coding specialists devoted to providing your practice with the latest revenue cycle and provider reimbursement services available to the orthopedic industry.

Our orthopedic billing services include all management aspects of the revenue cycle, but can also be adapted to meet the individual specific needs of any orthopedist or orthopedic group.

Reimbursement Solutions That Improve Revenue Efficiency

Our certified team of orthopedic billing specialists will work directly with you and your staff to manage your billing functions and to assist your staff in identifying any areas of concern such as the correct use of modifiers, as well as provide a clinical reimbursement analysis of your services to verify proper reimbursement. Our team can also assist in educating your staff on current reimbursement guidelines, proper billing practices and the latest orthopedic coding procedures, among other aspects that are unique to billing for orthopedics.

With our proven system we can assist in making sure your practice is being fully reimbursed for all money that is due for the services rendered to a patient. Our orthopedic clients know without a doubt that their claims are being audited, coded, submitted and paid in full by all payers. Are you sure all your billable claims are being reimbursed in full?

Orthopedic billing is more complicated and encompasses a wide scope of services and procedures when compared to other provider specialties. Ever changing payer rules and guidelines, combined with the complexity of procedural and diagnostic coding, often leave most providers with reimbursements that fall short of the allowed.

From orthopedic implants, fracture care and payer policies, to regulations of reconstruction and arthroscopic surgeries, our team of billing experts is well trained and experienced in all aspects of the ICD-10, CPT and post-operative modifiers that are specific to orthopedic billing.

Our clients rest assured knowing that our team of orthopedic specialists are diligently focused on increasing the net revenue of their practice.